Help us change the odds for female entrepreneurs

In 2020 2.1% of Venture Capital went to companies solely led by female founders, 11.6% went to mixed teams, over 85% went to male only founding teams. Female founders fared even worse in 2020 compared to the years before.


There are many reasons: inequalities in the angel and VC world, bias plays a role and the FUNNEL of investable female-founded startups is not full. This is what we are changing with the GUILD Academy - 8 week pre-accelerator program to help female entrepreneurs launch their companies Silicon Valley style.

Be part of the change and sponsor tuition for underrepresented female founders so we can fill the funnel!


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GUILD Academy Scholarships

Changing the Odds for Female Entrepreneurs

The GUILD Academy offers the world's first tailored online program with peer support for the next generation of female entrepreneurs. Female entrepreneurs are still an underrepresented group of innovators and need your support to get access to the education, resources and networks in order to launch successful businesses. Consider sponsoring 5, 10 or more female entrepreneurs to gain access to this unique program. Partner with us and get a scholarship package.

The GUILD Academy in 2020

100+ Entrepreneurs

launched their businesses 

53 scholarships


$30k in prizes

awarded across 4 cohorts

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"This program is truly one of a kind - it's nothing short of extraordinary. One of my favorite aspects of the academy are the weekly live AMA sessions with an industry superstar where I can ask individual questions and make a connection with them.  I feel prepared every time I walk into a business meeting (for my startup) and without a doubt in my mind the GUILD Academy helped me feel that way."

Hallie Salko, Founder of Bluppy AI

Enrolling in the GUILD Academy was on my bucket list for a while, and boy am I happy that I finally took the leap and completed the course! I've worked in product development and design for over a decade at some of the world's most notable tech companies including Google and Facebook. All those years I dreamed of using my skills to start my own company, but I hadn't the slightest clue as to how to get started. Launching a company felt risky, daunting, complicated...surely not something I could do.


Fast forward to today and in just eight weeks I went from idea to launching a public benefit corporation called Cruce, all thanks to the GUILD Academy and Anne Cocquyt's fantastic coaching.


While the GUILD Academy walked me through the basic steps of launching a company and facilitated introductions to needed collaborators and advisors, Anne's personal coaching helped me overcome the limiting beliefs (e.g. you can't launch a company while raising two young kids) that had always held me back. I especially appreciate how available Anne always was for my questions, big or small, and all of the helpful supplemental resources and templates she sent my way as I worked through new tasks.


A huge thank you to Anne and everyone at the GUILD for helping me realize my dream! 

Chelsey Glasson, Founder of Crucé

"I absolutely love the GUILD Academy materials (packed with nuggets of wisdom) and the guest speakers are super helpful. This journey is amazing, I learned so much. It challenges me in so many ways, nudging me to be courageous, and yes, the journey is indeed the reward!"

Lirida Kercelli, Founder of Learnable

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