Lead Convert - Step By Step Guide + Coaching

Lead Convert - Step By Step Guide + Coaching

$1,379.99 Regular Price
$497.00Sale Price

This package includes:

- Access to Recording from Conversion Copywriting Webinar

- Ready to Go Emotions Map Spreadsheet Template + Transformation Template (value $100)

- Step-by-step Email Sequence Nurture Workbook (value $100)

- Coaching Package 3 x 30min 1:1 sessions with Anne (value $700)

- 1 year PRO membership to the GUILD (value $279.99)

- My Perfect Email Flow Formula - (value $100) 

- Software tip sheet to check your copy

- Mailchimp 101 ($100)


The Lead Convert Package:


Too many entrepreneurs tell me about their products or services and when I click on their websites and give them my email address I hear ... crickets.


I know how daunting it can be to build an automated email nurture sequence. I get it: You wear so many hats at the same time - CEO, product leader, business development, HR ... and now also marketing guru and sales pro ...


...it can be a lot!


I've been there with 5 different businesses and I had my fair share of high value leads go into email nirvana to never surface again.


This is true for my art business, for my consulting firm, for my small consumer product business, a pet startup and for the GUILD.


But when I eventually sent people my first automated emails sequence, I started to see changes, I heard positive feedback like "Holy S***, are you serious - I get all this plus access to pitch feedback from real investors?", our customer support team received far less questions and we saw conversions on the website seemingly out of nowhere … we tracked them back to our automated welcome emails!


I hope that you, too, will have an experience like this and feel relieved once your email nurture sequence is up and running.


Imagine the feeling when you realize you got your first sale from your email sequence and all it took was automating a few emails that built trust with your audience! You ultimately convert them to take the action you want them to and they experience the transformation of your product or service and they become happy, loyal customers. 🍾


I tell you: it's worth a few hours over the next weeks to get this squared away!


The GUILD Lead Convert package makes this process bullet proof by walking you step by step through the tasks you need to take, you get access to templates to help you structure your customer insights, your emotions panel and build your email sequence.


All this with 1:1 coaching support - by me :) - I usually only coach GUILD Academy participants but made a few spots available for you.


At the last webinar, we had a few people reach out asking for 1:1 support and we weren't able to offer that because we just kicked off the GUILD Academy. So that's why I'm offering a small number of spots to access this package.




5 Spots - limited time availability


$497 Special instead of $1,379.99


Secure your spot today.


2-3 weeks from now you will know your user intimately - even in COVID-19 times - you will be able to express their needs, connect with them on a personal level in your copy and have an automated email sequence that just does what it's supposed to do while you lean back and wait for your leads to take the action you want them to.


Transform your leads into customers. What are you waiting for? :)


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