Olivia Owens

Business Development & Partnerships Manager


Olivia Owens is the Business Development & Partnerships Manager at iFundWomen, and is on a mission to increase access to capital for female entrepreneurs. iFundWomen drives funding to startups and small businesses through a flexible crowdfunding platform with a pay-it-forward model, expert startup coaching, professional video production, and a private community for entrepreneurs to talk openly about the challenges and the wins. Olivia creates thoughtful programming from start to finish that provides the experiences, resources, and content that entrepreneurs need to succeed.

She is also the co-host of OJ: We Got The Juice, a podcast where she and her co-host Julia discuss the nuances and challenges and joys of navigating life in their mid-twenties. Olivia previously held positions at Under Armour and received her undergraduate degree in Journalism from the University of Maryland.

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