J Li

Managing Partner
Prototype Thinking Labs

J is the creator of the Prototype Thinking program. She believes in reinventing product design & innovation to be as user-friendly to creators as we expect our creations to be for consumers.  Formerly a Stanford mathematician / engineer, game designer, and Design Thinking consultant, she brings more than a decade of experience with hundreds of clients.

Problems that inspire me most include:

How might we create business systems that are aligned with human wellbeing and diversity?

How might we make business models that incentivize systemic support, longterm thinking, and emotional labor?

How might we adapt the current contracting economy (e.g., ridesharing, housecleaning) to successfully employ millions of people full-time with benefits?

How might we build environments that embrace, empower, and leverage neurodiveristy?

How might we explore and prototype alternative ways of organizing policy, economics, or society? 

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