Do you know how much money you will have in your business bank account in 12 months from now?

If your answer is no, access our financial planning template for early-stage businesses and start planning.

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A note from our founder:

Now more than ever, the world needs your ideas and the solutions you create to solve problems for your future customers.

That's why we created the 8-week GUILD Academy program and this free financial planning template so you can build and grow your dream business with ready-to-go templates done for you.

Too many founders stare at me blank when I ask them what their business bank account will look like at the end of the year. And that's not a recipe for success.

Access the template, make a copy and start your financial forecast and take your business destiny in your own hands!

Anne Cocquyt

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  • Ready built formulas to calculate your revenue, product margin, selling cost and profit.

  • Pre-set categories for operating cost such as salaries, SaaS subscriptions, office expenses etc.

  • Easily adjustable to add lines without breaking formulas

  • See when you will break even and how much profit your business made by the end of the year

  • Learn how much funding you need to get to that point of profitability

  • Evaluate your product cost, your pricing and the cost to acquire new customers and see how it all balances each other

  • Find out if you can afford to hire extra help and how much you can pay yourself

  • With this financial planning dashboard you are the captain of your startup and know which course to set to run a successful, profitable business

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"Terrific resources, tools, and weekly challenges that push me to take actual steps and help me to get closer to my dream. Plus the opportunity to ask questions and receive support anytime :-)”

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"I have been coached by Anne years ago when I was an Executive in a company but also very recently when I just launched my first business. I keep coming back to her because of her caliber. Her experience as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, community builder and business coach is simply amazing."

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