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Download  the list of FemTech companies innovating women's health and wellness.

This list has been curated over the past year by the team of FemTech Focus.

FemTech Focus is a non-profit entity empowering the femtech industry through awareness, resources, and opportunity. Femtech is defined as any technology, service or  product that improves women’s health and wellness. This includes addressing illnesses that solely, differently, or disproportionately affect females and/or women.


In April 2020, FemTech Focus was introduced to the world by launching  a podcast which has accumulated over 4,000 downloads to date and is the number 1 femtech podcast in the world.


Get instant access to this curated resource of companies addressing women's health and wellness issues.

The FemTech Focus co-founders, Drs. Brittany Barreto and Julie Hakim are passionate about their  mission to  elevate the femtech startup community and know that partnering with the GUILD Academy to make the first ever femtech edition to educate early stage founders on how to launch and scale their businesses is just the first  step of many  to revolutionize the industry. 


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