Cheryl Edison

Founding Partner & CEO Edison International

Cheryl Edison is a serial entrepreneur & global business development leader based in Silicon Valley, California.  Quoted by USA Today, NPR and CNN, with articles reporting on her most recent work in FastCompany, the Business Times and Yahoo Finance, Edison serves Start-ups, Fortune 100 corporations, property developers, investors and civic leaders to achieve milestone success through innovation acceleration, go-to-market strategy and strengthening ecosystems through placemaking.  

Her work spans fifty-seven industries, and five continents. Edison loves new category launches and discovering new ways to deliver on the triple bottom line for profit, people and planet. For more information about services including highlights from the 167 workshops and keynotes provided in 2019, with kudos from leaders from International Embassies, U.S.Congress, Nissan, Revlon, Lufthansa, Carrefour, Warner Bros, and the Urban Land Institute go to

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