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GUILD Academy

From Idea to Prototype in 12 Weeks

Next Start Date: April 20th 2020

Are you ready to launch your business with a global community that supports you and the tools to set you up for success?

Then this unique online program is for you.

Applications accepted on a rolling basis

Women Colleagues

The GUILD Academy

Launch Your Business

Silicon Valley Style

Are you ready to become a successful founder?

The GUILD Academy is for all you ladies out there who just need that extra push to make their ideas reality. 

Imagine building your entrepreneurial confidence alongside an actual prototype you will launch within 12 weeks. 

The GUILD Academy is the fast track towards launching your business and realizing your dreams. 

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The Program

The program takes you on a guided journey towards becoming a successful entrepreneur in 6 clear steps. Once you get these basics right, you will have the confidence to grow your business to the next level. We use the methodology of rapid prototyping proven to launch multi-billion dollar businesses in Silicon Valley. You will go through a number of iterations of your product or service within the scope of the program, without losing sight of self care.

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The GUILD Academy is a 12 week - 12 module program. The core of each module is a 15min video session taught by a Silicon Valley expert and highly curated content to dive deeper. No Blah Blah! Every week you will have an assignment and we share an overview of what's to come

Ask Me Anything Sessions

After every step, there will be an AMA session to help you resolve any leftover questions you might have. These sessions will be guided by a GUILD team member and one of the experts. This is your chance to connect live with world-best experts and get your questions answered.

Tools & Workbook

Using tools and learning by doing are part of what it takes to efficiently build and manage your business. In each step, we will teach you how to use specific tools to launch your business. By the end of 12 weeks, you will be a prototyping MacGyver.

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Female Developers

Mastermind Circles

Peer support is one of the secrets on your journey to become a successful entrepreneur. By building this in as a part of your 12 weeks program, you already create the habit.

Curated Content

Every module will have an expert to help you get the basics right, but learning is so much more diverse. We will offer you a complimentary curated library with the best global content.

Join The Guild Membership

After graduation, you will be invited to join the Guild community platform and continue your development alongside awesome women across the globe.


"I can't wait to toast to the launch of your business!"

Anne Cocquyt


The Experts

We assembled some of Silicon Valley's finest and most reputable experts to share their top insights with you and give you feedback and advice. You will meet these experts either in the engaging 15min video segments each week, at live Ask Me Anything Sessions or at the virtual demo day at the end of the program.

Edison Headshot - 2C 2019.jpeg

Founding Partner & CEO Edison International

image001 (1).png

Lightspeed Venture Partners


Global Scaling Academy
Author of Blitzscaling


Managing Partner
Prototype Thinking Labs

Anke Profile Pic.jpg

Angel Investor
Aletta Angels

Carol2 (1) (1).jpg

Empowered Tech


Angel Investor 

Golden Seeds


Co-Founder & CEO 


Vanessa Liu Headshot.jpg


OliviaOwensHS (1).jpg

Business Development & Partnerships Manager



Professor of Entrepreneurship

Hult International Business School

20170126BP_JennyKassen-607 copy.jpg

Jenny Kassan Consulting, Author "Raise Money On Your Own Terms"


Founder and CEO
Author "10 Faces of Innovation"


Founding Partner
Spero Ventures

NICOLE 57Bcuello.jpg

Nicole Jordan

Business Development Manager - Early Growth Financial Services




Portret Eva_low res-4.jpg

Managing Partner

New profile.png

CEO & CO-Founder



Tash Jeffries

Growth Coach, Startup Founder

Dava Guthmiller GUILD Academy.jpg

Founder and Chief Creative Officer  

Noise 13

Maaike Doyer GUILD Academy.png

CFO & Strategy Designer
Business Model Inc.


Founder & Partner

Grit Ventures


Founder & CEO



AVRA Talent Partners


Our Partners

We are proud to present our global partners.

Want to become a partner? Contact us 

wework labs female founder program partnership with guild academy
zazmic partner for female entrepreneur online course - guild academy

Demo Day

The GUILD Academy participants will have the opportunity to pitch their business to Silicon Valley's leading investors at the virtual Demo Day.

The presenting companies will have a chance to win a grand prize (to be announced)

102617_Guild Serendipity_Buena Lane Phot

The GUILD Academy Team


Yonca Braeckman

Founder & CEO Impact Shakers

Yonca is the founder of Impact Shakers, a venture studio bridging the gap between profit and impact together with underrepresented founders. She is also the Head of Global Expansion at the GUILD and she is starting up new chapters all over Europe and Asia.

She is a connector and community builder with extensive experience in strategy and startup acceleration. As a mentor at SXSW, Slush Tokyo, General Assembly and startup programs across the globe, she guided many startups on their first steps abroad. She built out Watt Factory, a smart city hub in Ghent, Belgium, with an in-house acceleration program. 

Yonca serves on the board of different non-profits and is the curator of TEDxGhent and the Techstars Startup Digest Reading List on Impact Entrepreneurship.

Anne Cocquyt

Serial Entrepreneur & Founder The Guild

Anne Cocquyt is a serial entrepreneur with a great passion for new ideas and helping people achieve their career goals and launch their dream businesses. Anne used to work for Fortune 500 companies in senior roles in innovation, oversaw international multi-million dollar projects in IT and switched multiple times in her career between corporate roles and entrepreneurial endeavors, small businesses and non-profit organization.

She mentors rapid prototyping classes at the University of San Francisco, business model innovation at CCA, startups at Singularity University, the German Accelerator and is on the advisory board of digital health startups. Anne also invested in a small product startup and sold the company. She is the founder of the GUILD, the global AI-powered networking platform for innovators and entrepreneurs.


The GUILD Academy

Launch Your Business in 12 Weeks


What is Included?

999 $ (Instead of 1,999 $)

Access to the online curriculum

Top Silicon Valley Experts

Mastermind Circles

Weekly Planning Assistance

Live AMA Sessions with Experts

Tools & Workbook

Curated Content Library for each Session

Hands-on Support from the GUILD Academy team

2x 30 min 1:1 Coaching Sessions

3-month membership to The GUILD 

Virtual Demo Day with Top Investors 

Certificate of Completion

$50k perks, prizes and discounts 

$999 Early Bird Price (Instead of $1,999 ) 

Applications are open until April 14th 2020

Seats are extremely limited. We accept 50 candidates on a rolling basis.


“I wanted to let you know that from the founder/funder session, I got to meet a VC and they are making an investment. Thanks so much.”

Jill Bourque 
Founder & CEO RushTix

“Highly actionable sessions. Transformational experience with high quality content and the same incredible attendees of high caliber that I am matched with on the GUILD. I loved the diversity and relevance of every session.”

SERENDIPITY Unconference attendee 2019

“Through the GUILD online and offline connections I met entrepreneurs aligned with my investment thesis that I would have otherwise never met or invested in.”

Anke Huiskes
Investor Aletta Angels


"Terrific resources, tools, and weekly challenges that push me to take actual steps and help me to get closer to my dream. Plus the opportunity to ask questions and receive support anytime :-)”

GUILD Academy Participants

"I absolutely love the GUILD Academy materials (packed with nuggets of wisdom) and the guest speakers are super helpful. This journey is amazing, I learned so much. It challenges me in so many ways, nudging me to be courageous, and yes, the journey is indeed the reward!"

GUILD Academy Participant

"This program is truly one of a kind - it's nothing short of extraordinary. One of my favorite aspects of the academy are the weekly live AMA sessions with an industry superstar where I can ask individual questions and make a connection with them"

GUILD Academy Participant


"This week was so incredibly helpful in helping me realize exactly what I need to focus on both now and later down the line in my business model! It is awesome to see everything coming together so cohesively as we move forward in the program!”

GUILD Academy Participant

"I feel prepared every time I walk into a meeting (for my startup) and without a doubt in my mind that the GUILDAcademy helped me feel that way."

GUILD Academy Participant

“This was the most useful session on pitches. I learned a lot just by listening to the investor’s feedback"

GUILD Academy Participant


About The GUILD

Through a global community platform, curated 1:1 meetings and unique events the GUILD offers like-minded women the opportunity to
connect, learn, and grow together.



Changing the Odds for Female Entrepreneurship

The GUILD Academy offers the world's first tailored online program with peer support for the next generation of female entrepreneurs. Female entrepreneurs are still an underrepresented group of innovators and need your support to get access to the education, resources and networks in order to launch successful businesses.

Consider sponsoring 5, 10 or more female entrepreneurs to gain access to this unique program. Partner with us and get a scholarship package.


Is this program for you?

Are you passionate about starting your own successful business?
Are you ready to learn new exciting skills and connect with awesome women around the world?  
Then this is for you!

What if I already launched my business?

Please have a look at our curriculum and check if you could benefit from the different modules. Our idea is, another iteration usually can't hurt, especially with all the extra support you can count on in the GUILD Academy!

How can I apply for a scholarship?

We encourage women from all backgrounds to apply! Please apply here for a scholarship.

What type of business idea can I apply with? 

You can apply with any type of business idea which has a service or product to offer and is scalable beyond your home market. Whether it is building a wine tasting platform, a travel match-making service, a smart baby monitor or a digital diagnostics company. We help you iterate and test your ideas with "rapid prototyping" methodologies which is not suitable for opening a local restaurant or selling a product on an e-commerce store. If you have any doubts, please contact us at info@theguilded.org

What if I don't have an idea right now?

We built the Academy in a way that anyone wanting to learn the skills to rapid prototype a business can participate. If you don't have an idea with which you want to participate in the Academy, we will provide you with one. We will run you through the process of building a small online shop, or a travel club so you can learn all the skills you need to duplicate the process when you have your eureka moment and figure out your dream business, or maybe, you will figure it all out during the process.

Does it matter where I live in the world?

It does not matter! we will teach you the universal skills you need to launch a business. On top of that, you can learn from the women who built a successful business in the heart of entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley. You will learn from the best and apply the same methods in your region and country.

What if this timing doesn't fit my calendar?

We will launch new cohorts of our GUILD Academy in 2020. The launch price will only be applicable to this cohort.
This cohort will accept 50 founders globally. We will accept on a rolling basis, when you apply, you will be notified about your selection within 2 weeks of applying, so you can make arrangements accordingly. If we are at full capacity early, we will open up a waiting list for the next cohort.

What if I want to start a non-profit?

If you want to start a non-profit, you can definitely participate and benefit from learning the skills and the method we use in the program. The main difference between a for and non-profit business is the legal structure and where profits end up. As a non-profit you need to have a good product-market fit, a clear target audience and awesome marketing and fundraising strategy, just like any for-profit business. We will not cover non-profit specific topics but focus on validating your product or service idea as part of your non-profit.

How much time should I attribute to the program?

Budget at a minimum of 3-4hrs per week. This is for the AMA session, the video module, additional content, connecting with your mastermind group and your task. We ensure that you set goals at the beginning of the program. Depending on your goals your time effort will differ widely. Some weeks will be more intensive with regards to your tasks than others. Building a startup is not a small task and we will help you create a plan and set expectations with regards to outcomes as well as time commitment.

What’s the price point?

The first academy is $495 for 12 modules, AMA sessions, the mastermind groups and access to the GUILD community
Q: Why so cheap
A: This is our first program. Instead of $1,995 (standard full price), we want to offer this program at a very accessible price point. We know that this is the first cohort, so we will learn a lot and hope you come on the ride with us!

How do you select who gets admitted?

As long as you have an idea or want to develop an idea that is something that can scale beyond your immediate home market and it is not a coaching business or a consulting company, it is likely that you get accepted.

What happens if I miss a week?

You are more than likely to follow along if you miss one week’s module and you can make up for it in the next week. If life happens and you won’t be able to follow the program at a certain point, you will be able to access all video modules and content even after the program. You won’t have the support from your peer mastermind group, however you will have access to the community channel and ask any questions when you do the program on your own terms. You will also have access to the GUILD community for additional support and connections.

 Do I have to pitch?

If you don’t feel comfortable pitching at the end of the program, you don’t have to pitch. But it’s great practice and a safe space!



San Francisco

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